On family visit

The moment we want to leave the campsite of Crest we start talking to an Australian woman. When she hears our plans she runs to her camper and returns with two stickers. Two flags of Australia to put on our bikes. We start with a climb of 7 km and the sweat we produce is almost as much as the small river besides us. The next part we cycle between rocks of 1000 meters high. We are having our lunch next to the river with our feet in the water so they can cool down. We make our own dam with the rocks in the river. At warm days like this we have to refill our bottles of water many times, so we have to search for signs with: eau potable.

From now on we cycle along vineyards and we can smell the fields with lavender. We are in the Provence! The villages are historic with their old gates and lead you to small alleys.

At the arrival at the campsite in Moulin Neuf we are spoilt by our Dutch neighbor with chairs, coffee and cookies. Wow!!

Through the Gorges of the Herault we are enjoying the views and the nice and long descend. From this point we put our route guide in our bags and we choose our own route to Carcasonne. In the village of Caux we ask for the right direction and the explanation is: Follow me! So we do follow a car for a while.

At Thursday the 16yh of June we arrive in Molleville. The aunt and uncle of Steven do live here so it’s time for some days off!

Crest – Valréas : 60 km
Valréas – Moulin Neuf : 97 km
Moulin Neuf – St Martin : 86 km
St Martin – Fontès : 65km
Fontès – Perpieux : 89 km
Perpieux – Molleville : 97 km



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