Viva la France

After a day of rest in Port-sur-Saone we cycle further again. We follow an old route along the river, which is very beautiful. The river finds its way through some tunnels and we continue cycling on the bumpy road. In the evening when we are at the campsite the sky gets black and it starts raining enormously. We are very happy with our tent and with enough space for our luggage!

After quiet some climbing we arrive the next day at a campsite which is closed. At the fence there is a paper saying: see you later. But we don’t leave and find ourselves a beautiful place at the green grass. We ask the neighbors for some water and we enjoy this peaceful campsite!

The villages we are cycling through are getting cozier. The cyclists we encounter are all greeting us and we are being cheered by the old men of the villages. At the countryside we hear the bells of the cows all day.

Our first dive into a lake is a fact. Lac de Vouglans… artificial lake. We cycle further besides the river and the rocks above us are getting higher.

In Chattonay we camp at a real farmer campsite. The chicken, ducks, cats, sheep and a peacock are walking around our tent. From here we can see the Alpes. We even see some tops with snow.

In Hauterives we want to take a look at the Palais Ideal, built by a local postman. In front of the palace there is a tourist office. Mmmmmmm for us a little too touristy.

At Thursday the 9th of June we arrive in Crest. We decide to stay for a day and have some rest. Crest is a very nice old town. We climb up to the top of the old Donjon, which dates from the 12th century. It’s nice to walk around town, with its lovely small alleys and nice buildings. At the campsite we are the only ones on the field. So we have enough space to do our laundry.

We finished our books, so we made a note and put it on the wall at the sanitary building. Within an hour we meet some nice people who bring us some new books.

Port-sur-Saone – Marnay: 69 km
Marnay – Poligny : 71 km
Poligny – Le Tour du Meix : 48 km
Le Tour du Meix – Priay : 85 km
Priay – Chattonay : 84 km
Chattonay – St Donat -s-l’Herbasse : 70 km
St Donat -s-l’Herbasse – Crest : 65 km



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