To the border

After spending 10 days in Thessaloniki we really enjoyed cycling again. Up and down, big and small roads, mountains and lakes, everything was beautiful. This part of Greece was full of cattle. Cows, sheep and goats we see them everywhere. The shepherds are waving at us when they see us and they stand proudly in front of their animals when we take a picture. For us there is a new game: “Search the cattle”.

Sometimes it was hard to find a nice and small road on the map, so we tried it out ourselves. It was great most of the times but it didn’t go smoothly all the times. One time we took a nice small one and we ended up at the sea and the only road we could take from there was the same road back. When Steven stopped a car to ask if there was another road along the sea, the conversation changed into Dutch. In the car were two Dutch ladies on their holidays. A nice encounter at a place without a name. When we cycled further they jumped suddenly out of the bushes to make a picture of us.

Our last stop in Greece was the city of Alexandroupoli. Here we did some laundry which we dried at the beach. We drop by at the last “Lidle” store to buy some soup and coffee. The last Greek kilometers were special as well; we cycle along a highway. There was no other option, but it was quiet and we had no worries. To pass the Greek border was easy, let’s go to Turkey!!

Thessaloniki- ?: 89 km
? – Neo Kavali: 102 km
Neo Kavali – Finari : 87 km
Finari – Alexandroupouli: 113 km
Alexandroupouli – Kesan(Turkey): 82 km



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