A new wheel

Yes we have a new wheel! After tens days spending in Thessaloniki and dropping by every day at the post office we were disappointed again this morning. Wednesday the 31st of August we made a call to Cycle Trend about the broken rim in Stevens wheel and what we should do with it. Cycle trend took action immediately and at the end of the day we received an email that Santos would send a new wheel from the Netherlands. We told them to send it to the main post office because we thought it would be safer than our hotel.

Every day we went to the post office in the hope our wheel had arrived. The people at the post office didn’t understand those two Dutch people coming every day. We spend our days with dropping by at the post office, wandering around town, reading and surfing on the internet. Thessaloniki is a nice town with a lot of nice restaurants and cafés, but after a few days we saw all the highlights of the city and we really were looking forward to cycling again.

Today we went to the post office again. The only woman who spoke a little English started calling around. But unfortunately there was no parcel. After we made a call with Cycle Trend we tried it again at the office. When we entered the building we saw smiles on the faces of the employees. There was some news about our parcel. This morning when we visited the post office we just missed the man with our parcel. It was now waiting for us at the office of UPS.

We jump into a taxi and we go to the UPS office, where the box is waiting for us. We walk back to our hotel and change the wheel. Before we put the old wheel in the box we take a good look at it. Than we go to the post office for the last time to send the broken wheel back to Santos.

Tomorrow we will be on the road again on our way to Turkey. Many, many thanks to Cycle Trend and Santos!!!!



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