Cycling from Pisa to Rome

Before we cycle to the campsite, of course we want see the tower first. So we cycle to the square and there it is: the Tower of Pisa. It is very crowded at the square and we zigzag through the crowd. It is funny to see how everybody poses to get a nice picture and we enjoy watching it. Everybody wants a picture of themselves holding the tower to a stand and it’s nice to see how they struggle to find the right position. At the moment we want some prove ourselves standing in front of the tower with the bicycles there are two other cyclist approaching us. “Hi, we recognize you from internet!” These are two collegue cyclists from our home town Groningen.

We make some pictures of each other and then we cycle to the campsite together. Here we are welcomed by two other Dutch people with a chair and some coke. The evening we spend with the six of us and we have a great time.

We plan to cycle to Lucca the next day, but when we arrive there is no campsite in the village. We walk around with the bicycles and then we go to the next village. In Montecatini we climb up to the campsite where it is very busy. It’s owned by a Dutch woman and we find a nice and peaceful place for our tent below an olive tree. In the evening there are a lot of cars around us and it seems we are camping at the parking place. But for us it is a VIP place.

Our next day trip brings us to Fiesole. We have to work a bit to arrive at this place. When we ask for the right direction people tell us it will be very steep. OK, we think, we will manage. When we go down for a while we look up to an enormous steep hill. 20% uphill is a little too much for us. Steven manages to get halfway, but has to push his bike further to the top. Marlous had even a hard time getting the bike on the top…. A little further we meet a nice climb of 20% again. We have more of these almost impossible climbs until we arrive at the campsite. We are happy to see the sign of the campsite today!

In the beginning of the evening we have some visitors. The parents of Marlous drove in two days to Fiesole to meet us. It took us a little longer….. It’s great to have time to talk about all the adventures up till now at a very nice place where we camp together. From here we have a beautiful view at Florence.

We continue cycling after a day of rest and this time we don’t have any luggage. The parents of Marlous take all the bags in the car. How luxurious! We cycle to Sienna and we visit the town the next day. It’s a beautiful town. Than it is time we split our ways again and the parents of Marlous wave us goodbye. We cycle through Toscana and the route is great. It’s getting harder from the moment we have to cycle on a dirt road. On the way we are being attacked by a dog. The dog gets really close to the leg of Steven and keeps on chasing us. For the people who know that Marlous isn’t very brave with dogs: she yelled very loud which scared the dog away!!

Castel Naudry is the village where we sleep this night and it lays at the level of 810 meter high. We go up and down and then we see the lake of Bolsena where we take a dive and spend the night besides the water. It was a bit hard putting the tent up. Steven couldn’t get the pens into the ground. There seemed to be concrete below the tent……

One more day of cycling through the hills of Toscana brings us to Rome. After 114 km we reach a nice campsite along the Tiber. Rome is fantastic!

Pisa – Montecatini: 57 km
Montecatini – Fiesole: 60 km
Fiesole – Sienna: 86 km
Sienna – Castel del Piano: 90 km
Castel del Piano – Capodimonte: 76 km
Capodimonte – Rome: 114 km



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