On our way from Rome to the south

It’s been a great time in Rome! We had a campsite at the river Tiber and from here we could take public transport into the beautiful city centre. There were a lot of backpackers on our camping field and we had plenty of time watching and chatting with the other travelers. Together with our Dutch neighbors we had quit some laughs about everything happening around us. For example we witnessed the removal of a 60 year old Englishman who had misbehaved. The police had to come and get him of the camping. We took our time exploring the city of Rome. Normally we went into the city at around 4 pm and than we just started wandering in a new area of town. In the evening we chose one of the many great restaurants and after dinner we would stay at a square to see some street theatre.

We didn’t leave Rome through a side street. No, there is a beautiful cycling lane alongside the Tiber which we took straight into the heart of Rome and onto the St Peters Square in the Vatican. This was very special for us but unfortunately the police didn’t like our cycling on the square. We left the city centre cycling past by the Coliseum and took our time cycling a victory round around this magnificent building. After this round it was ‘arrividecci’ Rome and in the evening we arrived in Tivoli. The campsite was far from the village and we didn’t have anything to eat. At the restaurant Steven bought some vegetables and bread to make a proper dinner.

The following days we cycled through the mountains. Beautiful scenery but hard for cycling. After 82 km we arrived at a campsite which was deserted. There was one caravan and we asked the owner if it was okay for us to camp there for a night. The person of the caravan made a telephone call to the owner of the land and we got the green light. It was a great location at the lake and we had a refreshing swim instead of a shower. The next day we had a nice and steady climb to our highest point till than. The top was at 1350m above sea level and there we had our siesta before enjoying a great descend.

After the mountains we arrive at the other side of Italy t the Adriatic Sea. With the bicycles in our hands we walk onto the campsite. The Italians love the sea in the summer and there are many people with their own place for the season. Many people also like to give us a special treatment and that’s how we end up with a bottle of water, some cups of coffee and two huge slices of watermelon. Thank you neighbours, it’s great to get a treat!

It’s also great swimming in the sea at this side of Italy and we enjoy the beaches. In three days cycling we arrive at the harbor city Bari. Our final night in Italy we sleep on the beach. Because of the lack of campsite for tents we end up at a private beach with restaurant. Here the owner gives us permission to spend the night in our tent on his beach. He will stay to guard his property so it’s a safe spot for us. In the middle of the night we wake up because of a lot of noise. The building next to our beach is a mega disco with a good sound system. After listening to some music provided by the deejay we fall asleep. At 7:00u in the morning we’re already on the road for the final stretch until Bari. Here we arrange two tickets for the ferry crossing to Corfu, Greece. That evening we can take the boat.

The crossing by boat is a great experience. We bought the cheapest tickets which were deck class. On top of the boat were a few benches with a small roof of plastic covers. This was the place for us the coming 11 hours. The departure was at 8 pm and we would arrive at Corfu harbor in the morning. In the night a storm broke loose and the plastic covers didn’t really work. We were lying on the ground trying to find some sleep when everything got soaked. To avoid getting washed away we found ourselves a place in the restaurant where we spent the rest of the journey to Greece.

Rome – Tivoli: 67km;
Tivoli – Flumata Lago del Salto: 82km;
Lago del Salto – Castelnuovo: 82km;
Castelnuove – Francavilla al Mare: 96km;
Francavilla – Lido diCampomarina: 133km;
Campomarina – Beach: 144km;
Beach – Bari: 86km.
Total Italy: 1579km



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