Hocus Pocus where is the exit of KL

“Hocus Pocus where is the exit of KL” this is what Marlous writes in our diary after the crowded roads we cycle the day we leave Kuala Lumpur. ‘Forbidden for cyclists’ is a sign we see often this day, but we paddle further in the direction of Seremban.

We cycle through the hills until we reach the coast at Port Dickson. Here it’s full with big modern resorts which are overloaded during the weekends with people from the city. We try a few, but even during the week the prices are a bit too high for us. In front of one of the resorts there is a big grid and I don’t see is it misses a spile. So I make a big bump with the saddle settled in my stomach and the bags falling of the bike. Felling a bit dizzy I realize what happened, but I am fine and we put the bags back on the panniers and continue our search for a nice place to stay.

At the end of the day we end up in a hugh hotel with a swimming pool and a jacusi. In the morning a western breakfast is served which contains chips, eggs, sausages, toast and beaked beans. With some good hot coffee we leave the hotel very full and satisfied.
Taking a small road we arrive in Melakka where we find our Dutch roots immediately in the center of town where the “stadhuys” is standing. This beautiful red building in the middle of a square looks Dutch right away and the buildings in its surroundings are the same style. After this tribute we find a fine guesthouse to stay. The decision not to go to Borneo feels still good and we notice we are in need of some rest. This works out fine in Melakka and we enjoy the good atmosphere in the hostel. We wash our tent to make sure it’s free of mud for the strict control at the Australian border. It’s not allowed in Australia to take any dirt and the controls can be very strict. In Singapore we have to clean our bicycles and the rest of our things, so it feels good we have cleaned the tent already.

After Melakka the kilometers are a bit boring till Batu Patah. The road is crowded and there are not many other options. In Batu Patah Marlous gives us a treat in a modern hotel. The reason is our 2-years-on –the-road-anniversary. During the night we can hear it storming outside and it’s still raining in the morning. Are we going or not? Is the question in our heads during the breakfast buffet. We want to cycle at our 15th May and we decide to conquer the rain.
When we arrive in Johor Bahru the rain has gone and we desire for a cold shower again. The ambiance in this town is totally different than in all the other cities in Malaysia. There are a lot of men wandering around in groups and it doesn’t feel very safe on the streets. Johor Bahru is the last city of Malaysia. There is only a bridge separating the country from the rich Singapore and maybe that’s the reason of all the men hanging around here. When we take a walk in the afternoon we are confronted with an aggressive man who wants to fight with me. I push him kindly away and continue walking. The man keeps shouting but leaves us alone. It’s strange to say goodbye like this to a country which felt relaxed all the time. In the morning we cycle one more kilometer to arrive at the border with Singapore. Our last stop in Asia.

* Kuala Lumpur – Seramban: 75km
* Seramban – Port Dickson: 63km
* Port Dickson – Melaka: 73km
* Melaka – Batu Patah: 110km
* Batu Patah – Johor Bahru: 133km
* Johor Bahru – Border Singapore: 1km
Total Malaysia: 1968km



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