The zoo

“Where are we going? We’re going to the Zoo!” These sentences can be heard for weeks in the Noble House. Everybody can say it and they all want to go. A few of the kids have been to the Zoo before.

They tell big stories about the animals who live there and which games you can play. Steven makes some color drawings and everyone enjoys it. Only three nights to go, we count together till one. On the morning we are going it rains and it rains…..
but when we are eating our Dahl Bat we are lucky. The sun comes trough the clouds. Together we walk to Bakhtapur and there we go by bus. For most of the children this is the first time by bus and their faces are getting paler. But when we are at the entrance of the Zoo the smiles are back again. The party begins: crocodiles, monkeys, tigers, rhinos, hippos they are all there. An elephant is walking through the zoo and the children are allowed to touch this hugh animal.

We go for a ride in a train and we make a boat trip and then it’s time for some food. For the children something new: French fries, a hamburger and cola! Normally the children eat with their hands but today they use a fork. At the end of the day they enjoy an ice-cream and everyone looks tired. But on the way back they sing non-stop Nepalese songs. A day we will never forget.

A meeting in Kathmandu
We receive an email from Jan and Brieke. This dutch couple is living in Kathmandu and due to our site they know that we are in Nepal. They invite us to talk about our trip and we have a nice evening. When we are for the weekend in Kathmandu we have dinner together and the next day they take us to Boudha. This Tibetan place impresses us a lot. The Buddhist are walking around a big stupa and making their prayers. Their faces are really beautiful especially the ones of the woman. It would be great to cycle through Tibet…… Jan and Brieke bring us to a Tibetan pub, where we have Tumba and meat. The tibetan beer is one to try out!

One morning we walk in the direction of Swayambunath. We walk through the small streets of Thamel and we cross a black river. You can’t imagine that people are swimming in this smelly water and even take their baths in it. After many stairs we arrive at the “Monkey Temple” and indeed there are many monkeys playing around. Saturday is a busy day at the temple with a lot of people making their offers. For us a good opportunity to see everything that’s happening.

With only two bags on the bike of Steven we leave for Phokara. The children are waving to us and feel excited. For us it feels as good as usual to sit on our bikes. We have to climb up to Thankot and after that we leave Kathmandu Valley. We descend from 1500 meters down to 500 meters. It feels really good! “I think your tube is losing air!” I hear these words behind me. A small piece of glass found its way to my inner tube. My ‘cycle-repair-man’ fixes everything very fast and we can continue again. The clear water of the Trisuli River we cycled along two months ago turned into a dirty brown river now. From Mugling we follow another river and we climb up to Phokara. This road is not as crowded. But it’s warm and we sweat everywhere. When we see fresh water we stop to refresh ourselves and to cool down. Phokara is situated really beautiful next to a lake. There are many boats at the lake. The children are going by boat to their school which is nice to see. From every direction the children in their uniforms are rowing the boats. We visit a waterfall and after that we walk up to the World Peace Pagoda. From here we have a great view over the lake and the city. We take a rowing boat back to the other side of the lake and we enjoy the water buffalos and the sight on the Annapurna.

Marlous and Stefriend
From the beginning we arrived at the Noble House I have a new friend. Maybe big news, but the name of the blond guy I’m sharing the roof with is Stefriend. Steven is here the Stefriend of all the children. You can play football with him, climb on him and talk with him. He is the tallest man of the world and the children are very fond of him. For most of the children it’s now clear but in the beginning it was difficult to know which name belonged to whom. They called me Stefriend as well and if they wanted to call Steven, they shouted: Marlous

Footballfever in Nepal
The international football results of Nepal aren’t that well. Despite this the Nepalese people are really crazy about the game. In Kathmandu you can watch the World Cup matches everywhere and we do not mind at all. We watch the first match with people from over the world which makes a real nice ambiance. Together we see how Germany wins their first game. For the match Portugal against The Netherlands we go to a real Dutch pub in Thamel. A lot of orange, real “bitterballen” and a Dutch liquor it’s all there. Even some English fans who wants us to win so we can play against England. But nothing will help; we can’t do anything against the yellow cards of the referee.

Guus, Dick or Leo maybe it’s a good idea to come to Nepal……



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