19 days

19 days to go and still counting down. The date of our departure is coming nearby. It’s exciting that we’re almost leaving for our adventure. I’ve allready stopped working because of a lot of extra hours. Tuesday the 12th of april has been my last day at work. Marlous has still two days to go before she’s free. From “Queens day” the 30th of april we’re both free. Than we can do the last preperations together.Last night we’ve been interviewed for a locale radio station. Our interview will be broadcasted on 21st of june and if you like to hear our voices listen between 18:00hr and 19:00hr to the show onRadioCompagnie.nl. Tomorrow we are getting interviewed for a locale newspaper in Groningen. That will be the third interview we have for this journey. Funny that so many people like our plans.

It’s a bit strange sitting in our sleeping/ study-room which is getting more empty. A few minutes ago a friend of ours has been here to get one of our clossets. When we’re traveling he will look after it. The parents of Marlous also been here this evening and took some boxes with our books with them. The last couple of days I’ve been busy packing our stuff. The next couple of days I will be doing more of this until our house is almost empty.

It’s odd that we’re cycling in 2 and a half weeks from now. Than we will drive away from this house where I’m sitting behind the computer. Our journey will take us from here to the south. Sometimes I get the feeling that I can’t wait before we can leave. Fortunately we still have plenty to take care of the next two weeks.



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