Singing in the rain

Along the coast of the Andaman Sea we cycle to the South of Thailand. It’s a beautiful green part of the country and it’s getting greener everyday. Normally the months March and April are the hottest and the driest months of the year.

The Thai people are looking a bit confused when the blue sky turns into a dark one. And it doesn’t stay like this on the day we leave Ranong…..large big drops are coming down on the grey tarmac, on our bicycles and on our heads. We try to find a shelter under a straw roof, but it doesn’t stop raining.

After thirty minutes we think it’s enough and Steven tries how the Thai rain feels. “Shall we go? I don’t want to wait anymore.” “What are you saying?” I ask. “Come on let’s go! It’s not so worse.” I look Steven in the eyes with amazement. Cycling in the rain is not our favorite thing and I never saw Steven cycling trough the rain with a smile on his face. But it’s different here. It’s kind of refreshing in the heat. We arrive in Khura Buri soaking wet and we enjoy a warm shower.

It keeps on raining the next couple of afternoons. The surrounding is beautiful with huge rocks rising in the sky from the ground. Many trees and bushes grow on these rocks and we see a lot of snakes in different shapes and colors in this area. We don’t see many alive, because most of them are lying lifeless besides the road. We see many lizards as well who slide into the bushes when they hear us. We take many pictures until a part of the camera breaks. Not a big problem we think and we hope to solve it with a new feather in Krabi. When we enter a photo shop and ask them if they can help us they answer quickly: “No Phuket”. That’s the place we didn’t want to go. We leave the next five shops where we ask for help soon as well, because no one will help us. Back in our room Steven tries to ‘operate’ the camera himself and with a beautiful tape the camera should be able to survive the coming time.

We cycle for a while along the coast which was hit by the Tsunami in 2004. Despite most of the coast could escape the big wave, the fear that it will happen again is there and every 75 meters there is a sign with the evacuation route on it. The route leads most of the time to the local school.

The end of our Thai adventure is near. We are on our way to Satun where we want to catch a boat to Malaysia. We stay at the west coast in this part of the country because in the other southern provinces there is a struggle between the Islamic people and the government. In the province of Satun you don’t notice any unsafety and we only meet nice and friendly Islamic people.
Before we reach Satun we get soaking wet by an incredible shower. The streets of the town can’t handle all the water. With our legs in the air we go trough all the water in search of our last place to stay in Thailand.

At the first of April we are waved goodbye by the King of Thailand who is shown here as well at big portraits along the road. We enter the harbor where we have to buy tickets for the boat first before we are able to go to the customs. With a stamp in our passports we walk with our bicycles to the modern boats. All these boats go to different islands. For our trip there is a small, wooden boat with an enormous motor. We have to wait for eight other people before the boat is full and ready to leave. The bicycles and the bags are taken care of by the captain who makes sure together with Steven that everything is fine. The captain wants to cover us with a huge black plastic sail so we won’t get wet. We put the sail away because we like to look around. But the big motor on the small ship makes a lot of water and we put the sail over our heads after a while. We don’t see anything of the last part of Thailand, but when we put the sail away there is a new country lying in front of us: Malaysia!

* Ranong – Khura Buri : 120 km
* Khura Buri – Phangnga : 123 km
* Phangnga – Krabi: 87 km
* Krabi – Pak Meng : 111 km
* Pak Meng – Palian : 92 km
* Palian – Satun : 114 km
* Satun – harbor (border) : 10 km
Total Thailand 2012 km.



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